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Driving Force


Farhan Bin Mokhtar  Managing Director

With a degree in Information Technology and several years of experience handling software and hardware systems, Farhan Bin Mokhtar took on the challenge as the company's Managing Director in 2005. Under his leadership, the company has enjoyed further growth and success. He continues to drive the company forward with his business foresights and contemporary solutions.


Khairunnisa Binti Mokhtar  Director

After obtaining her degree in Information System Management, Khairunnisa Binti Mokhtar has enjoyed a successful career in both network and office management. Blessed with an acute sense of business, she works closely with her siblings to ensure that the company achieves its current objectives as well as to realise its vision for the future.


Aina Binti Mokhtar  General Manager

It is not a surprise that Aina Binti Mokhtar excels when it comes to dealing with customers. Having majored in Mass Communication, Broadcasting and with several years of experience within companies such as TV3 and ASTRO, communication is second nature to her. Since taking over the duties of General Manager, she has successfully increased the number of projects, general workers, machineries and vehicles - turning Mazhar Sdn Bhd into an efficient and entirely self-sufficient company it is today.


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