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Company Overview


Mazhar Sdn Bhd began its operations as a humble family business in 1988 with nothing more than the passionate driving force of its founder, the late Mokhtar Bin Amir. Today, with two decades of experience and a new branch in Penang, Mazhar Sdn Bhd enjoys the distinction of being one of the nation's leading waste management companies. A registered Bumiputera contractor with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Pusat Perkhidmatan Kontraktor (PKK), its taskforce of over 150 trained employees continues to provide top-notch services to a variety of customers throughout Klang Valley.


Since 2005, the company has been spearheaded by a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs namely Farhan Mokhtar, Khairunnisa Mokhtar and Aina Mokhtar, fusing innovation with family traditions. This unique combination of old and new has proven to be a success as the company continues to grow and expand into the future.


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